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Anthony Lorenzo Green is running to be the next 
Ward 7 Councilmember to give working families
a voice on D.C. Council.

+ 160 DC Residents Donated

A third generation Washingtonian, Anthony Lorenzo Green is a resilient community leader, social justice warrior and a missionary for progressive change in the trajectory of families across Ward 7. He is a force in pushing policies to interrupt community violence, holding law enforcement accountable for illegal stop-and-frisk incidents and police brutality, fighting to end the food apartheid east of the river, and passionate advocate for economic and racial justice across the District.

This is truly a people-powered campaign with no influence from big money and corporations. Lorenzo is only accountable to the mighty people of Ward 7.

My journey is no different from any person that has struggled to survive and be heard. I’m a true believer that the status quo doesn’t work for us.

Working families in Ward 7 have fought hard to keep their babies safe from community violence and police misconduct. But too many times we have leaders that don’t seem to hear us when we speak, stand up against injustices, or be an advocate for solutions to problems that affect us everyday. 

Education & Health

We must invest in and expand programs that support families from birth to age three, and beyond. Everyone deserves the ability to care for their family and provide a quality education.

Community Safety

Any brazen act of violence in our communities affect us all. We must be committed as a village to ensure we’re all doing our part in reducing these violent acts. and, address the root causes of violence.

Housing & Economic Development

A number of Ward 7 communities are feeling the pressures of rampant development. This development has pushed  many Black and Brown families out of  Washington, D.C. 

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